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Morse Code Translator - Translate Text To Morse Code

    If you have a block of text you want to convey using morse code, maybe using a classic telegraph, or wireless radio, walkie talkie, or even by flashlight, but you haven’t memorized how to create morse code, you can use this translator to give you an exact morse code. You can use it to for morse code translation and to broadcast morse code at whatever distance you deem necessary.

How to use the morse code translator?

    When you go to the page, you will find two text boxes. One text box will be where you input your English sentence, and the other is where you will get an output in morse code.

    To use the completely free morse code translator, just type the letters, numbers, complete with punctuation into the box above, and its morse code translation will automatically appear in the bottom box. If you see a # in the box, then that will be because there is no way to convey that letter over morse code, e.g., #, %, ^, *, and {} to name a few.

    If you are learning morse code, this tool can be very helpful as you can immediately identify any mistakes by testing directly on the tool.

    If you know morse code, then you can even translate back from morse code, just make sure to add a space bar between each letter, or the translator will return a #, which means there was an error.

    • Sound and Light
      • You will notice, at the bottom of the text, there will be a “Play Text”, “Download Morse Audio”, “Play Morse”, and “Flash”.

        These buttons are there to make the experience a little more interactive for you. Clicking on Play Text will use activate an AI audio narrator that read out the English text back to you. This way, you can hear your sentence (which might be quicker than proof-reading).

        You can also download morse audio, which will let you download a wave file with your actual text as the name. Making a wave file has the advantage that it is universally playable, and that there will be no loss of audio quality.

        You can also play the morse code sound, which will sound like a classic telegram.

        Lastly, if you turn on the “flash” button, you will see a tiny box that will quickly flash white to indicate a dot, and black to indicate a break. A longer white flash indicates a dash. You might need some experience reading morse code before you can instantly pick it up.

Where is Morse Code Used?

  • Morse code is still popular today with amateur radio operators. There is a global community built around that. It is also commonly used for emergency signaling through a variety of mediums such as wireless radio, walkie talkies, turning your flashlight on and off, and any other way you could improvise a solution.

  • In some cases, people hide messages in morse code (that code is actually a link to a now defunct site), this was also adopted by spies and military people to deliver messages without fear of interception or intervention.

How Morse code Works?

  • uses a system of dots, dashes, and spaces to convert the alphabet, numerals, and punctuation marks. This code is then transmitted as sound, electrical pulses of varies lengths, or even mechanical, or visual signals (such as flashing light).

Invention of Morse Code

  • This morse code system was invented by Samuel F.B. Morse in 1830 for his electrical telegraph. His version was quite basic, and a lot of improvements were made by his assistant Alfred Lewis Vail, who was also Samuel Morse’s assistant and business partner. When he morse code was introduced in Europe, it was fast discovered to be insufficient for all the various languages in Europe. To address this, an international morse code was designed in a conference of European nations back in 1851. This newer code was named Continental Morse Code.

Learning morse code

  • If you are interested in learning morse code, then consider to you learn morse code for some quick advice.

    While learning morse code isn’t as difficult as learning a new language (as you already know what the words mean, they just look different). Start by learning the meaning of basic signals (like … --- … means SOS), as well as the basic alphabet, and you will soon be on your way to learning morse code in no time.

Morse code example

  • A good example of a morse code is:

    - .... .. ... / .. ... / .- -. / . -..- .- -- .--. .-.. . / --- ..-. / - .... . / ... --- ..- .-. -.-. . ... / --- ..-. / . ...- .. -.. . -. -.-. .

    Which actually means: - This Is An Example Of The Sources Of Evidence

What is SOS message in Morse Code?

  • SOS means Save our Souls. It was the original emergency beacon. You did not need to convey a lot of complicated information in an emergency, receiving an SOS was automatically met with an immediate full-scale rescue. Because of its importance, it is simple, and anyone can remember it.

    S is … and O is ---

    So, SOS becomes …---…

Morse code alphabet, number and punctuation chart

You can easily find a morse code alphabet, number and punctuation chart anywhere online.

Morse Code Alphabet

A .-
B -...
C -.-.
D -..
E .
F ..-.
G --.
H ....
I ..
J .---
K -.-
L .-..
M --
N -.
O ---
P .--.
Q --.-
R .-.
S ...
T -
U ..-
V ...-
W .--
X -..-
Y -.--
Z --..

Morse Code Numbers

1 .----
2 ..---
3 ...--
4 ....-
5 .....
6 -....
7 --...
8 ---..
9 ----.
0 -----

Morse Code Punctuation

. .-.-.-
, --..--
: ---...
? ..--..
' .----.
- -....-
/ -..-.
( -.--.
) -.--.-
" .-..-.
& .-...
! -.-.--
; -.-.-.
$ ...-..-
@ .--.-.
= -...-
+ .-.-.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is morse code?

Morse code is a character encoding methodology that will allow people to send and receive message using a series of dots and dashes.

What is Morse Code Translator?

Morse code translator is a free-to-use browser-based web application that lets you translate morse code from regular English as well as back to English from morse code. It also lets you hear the audio or see flashes of your translation.

What Was the Importance of Morse Code?

Morse code was invented in 1830, a time when the fastest way of communicating with anyone was by letter. Intercontinental information used to be transferred using letters that were transferred by people traveling using horses, trains, and ships. It took ages. However, when morse code and the telegraph came along, people were able to send and receive messages almost instantly.

How to Write "I Love You" In Morse Code

Morse code for “I Love You” is .. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..-

Who invented Morse code?

Morse code was invented by Samuel Morse and improved by his assistant and partner, Alfred Vail.

When was morse code Invented?

Morse code first came into being in 1830. Continental Morse Code came about in 1851.

How did Morse Code change the world?

Morse code took communication from taking days, weeks and even months, to as fast an electrical signal. Morse code and the telegraph were the precursor to modern telephony and eventually the internet. Morse code also laid the groundwork on how messages could be transmitted electronically, which is what lead to every developed country having a network of land line telephones everywhere.

This gave computer scientists in generations to come the idea that a computer can be made to translate power signals in the form of on and off, and that went on to become binary. Binary is how any computer understands code, in states of on and off electric signals. All that is possible because of morse code.

How Morse Code Is Transmitted?

Morse code is usually transmitted by any signal that can be turned on or off. This can be through sound, light, or electrical signals. The code is transmitted in a series of dots and dashes from one end and received the same at another end. Once there, the code is translated to text and given to whomever it was intended for.

How to Learn Morse Code?

You can find a lot of advice on YouTube on how you can learn morse code, you can even install apps on your phone to help you with that. Just know that learning morse code is going to be a bit of a challenge, even if it isn’t as hard as learning a new language. You can start by learning basic symbols and then go into details.

Do People Still Use Morse Code?

People don’t use morse code for official uses anymore as much more advanced technology than the electric telegraph is available to us. However, there are still enthusiasts who enjoy talking over large distances using morse code, such as radio operators and hikers.

Does the U.S. Military Still Use Morse Code?

The US military has a much more advanced system of communication even in emergencies, like satellite phones and GPS trackers. However, in extreme situations morse code can be used, especially between spies to get messages across while avoiding interception.

What Replaced Morse Code?

Morse code has been critical for communication since its invention and it was crucial during World War II, but it has since become a niche industry. It was even in use as recently as 1999 for communication at sea. It has since been replaced by the Global Maritime Distress Safety System. The new system relies on more advanced technologies, like satellites.

Is Morse Code Still Taught in The Military?

Yes, morse code is still taught in the military because it can be very useful in emergency situations.

Is Morse Code Worth Learning?

Unless you expect to run into an emergency with no means of communication (like hiking, or traveling), then morse code has no real value. However, for entertainment purposes or just to have some knowledge, sure, it’s worth learning.

Is Morse Code Universal?

Morse code is limited to Latin languages, it is not universal, but it is understood wherever English, or some Latin offshoot (like French, German, Italian, etc.) are spoken.

Is It Hard to Learn Morse Code?

Morse code is just about as hard to learn as a new language, but the ease is that you don’t also have to learn new words, just new spelling to old words using dots and dashes. With enough time, it can be easy to pick up.

What Do 3 Dots Mean in Morse Code?

A dash is the length of 3 dots. The letter formed by using 3 dots depends on the language in which morse code is being translated. In most translations, 3 consecutive dots in morse code mean the letter S.

Is Morse Code A Language?

Morse code is a way of encoding a language into transmittable signals. It is not a language on its own by an official standard but might be considered one of many people choose to communicate using morse code only.

How Do You Split Words in Morse Code?

Letters in morse code are split by spaces, entire words are split by the forward slash, “/” .

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